Bonsai Tree in Your House: A Miniature Beauty

Having a bonsai tree in houses is not something new or rare. Some keep it outdoor in their garden, while some others keep it indoors in their living rooms. Bonsai, as we know it, is a Japanese and Chinese art of aesthetic miniaturization of trees and plants in containers. Miniaturization here would mean to keep a tree of a bigger size in a smaller container and size.

A bonsai tree is usually kept for decorative purposes, although some also keep this type of trees for its flowers, fruits and so on. In those days when people started off this culture in China, bonsai trees were believed to have medicinal powers and mostly were transported in containers by the traditional medical healers.


In China, a bonsai tree could be shaped to resemble anything the owner wanted it to be. Primary focus was in the exposition of stylistic trunks in the shape of animals and mystic figures. This culture was then passed on to Japan by ambassadors and everyone, not just those in the higher class, started to enjoy the culture of having bonsai trees. These people include merchants, townsmen, warriors, and so on. Slowly and gradually, the art of bonsai cultivating spread across the globe.


Many people mistakenly think that a bonsai tree is a genetically mutated or dwarfed plant. And the truth is that it is not. A bonsai tree is a normal plant, just like any other, and the only difference is that the particular tree or plant is kept small through a combination of several elements such as the pot confinement, root and leaves pruning, and crowning.

A modern bonsai tree is normally grown this way. Regardless of where the bonsai tree is located, the pot size would be the same, as to limiting the growth of the plant, which if left actively growing would grow as big as others too. One of the most famous ways of keeping the bonsai tree small is through pruning. Pruning here includes both the leaves and roots, whereby there would be a consistent trimming of both to maintain the size.

Crowning is a process of limited the upper physical growth of the bonsai tree, whereby a wire is used to wrap around the plant to hold the growth of the branches and trunks. This would also help in rendering the desired shape of the plant.

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