Apple Bonsai Tree - A Fascinating Tree to Have

You can never understand the beauty of an apple bonsai tree unless you see it. There is no way you can ever imagine the beauty of its tiny apples hanging in its miniature branches. It is so beautiful that those who grow it keep it away from the eye of the people lest their curiosity and admiration will harm it.

How to Grow an Apple Bonsai Tree?

All bonsai trees are grown with utmost care and precision. Bonsai is an art originated by the Chinese but perfected and marketed to the whole world by the Japanese. While the Chinese are exceptional in wisdom and ingenuity, it is the Japanese who have extreme patience, care and ability to perfect a task. This is how the bonsai as an art, is more attached to the Japanese culture than that of the Chinese.

The growing of the apple bonsai tree is no different than growing a bonsai tree in general. The modern man in his zeal to make things easy on all aspects possible has brought out hybrid apple bonsai trees which can grow almost by themselves with the least effort and care. The only thing you should take care of is to check its growth effectively and twist its trunk so it looks like a miniature version of a tree that grew naturally in the wild.

The apple bonsai tree is a sturdy tree which does not require too much attention in winter. However, since it is kept in shallow pots, there is the danger of having its roots frosted, and hence care should be takes that this does not happen. If it is too cold in the winter, it is good to have the trees places in a warm and protected place.

When the plant is in its growing stage it will need to be pruned continuously, and also changed from one place to a bigger place as and when it fills its plate. When it reaches the desired size, the roots will have to be trimmed every once in a while which will ensure that its height gets stunted.

The beauty of the bonsai trees is that once the growth is stunted, the other parts will get stunted too. Hence, the apple bonsai tree will have miniature leaves, miniature flowers and miniature fruits too. It is simply wonderful to watch the miracle of Nature unfold right before your very eyes!


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