The Sago as a Bonsai Palm Tree

When you think of bonsai trees, you may picture a deciduous tree like the maple or oak, a flowering tree or a fir. However, palm trees make very good bonsai. If you are thinking of growing a bonsai palm tree, you may want to start with a Sago Palm since it’s easy to grow and hard to kill.

Starting a Sago

To use Sago as a bonsai palm tree, you can start with a young tree, a seed or a cutting. You can grow a Sago bonsai palm tree in temperatures ranging from15 degrees to 110 with special care at the extremes of the range. The humidity can range from dry to wet. They grow in full sun but can adapt to an area with just a few hours of sun in the morning or afternoon. The rate of growth is very slow, making it good for a bonsai. It will add a set of new leaves every year or two in some conditions and up to three sets a year in ideal conditions with only a small amount of size change.

New leaves grow all at once around the trunk. They remain tender for several weeks, during which time the tree should be treated tenderly and receive good light. If the light is not directly overhead, the tree must be turned about a quarter of the way around each day so that the new leaves will not lean in one direction. Once the leaves have had a chance to harden, this is not as important.

Nurturing a Sago

The Sago bonsai palm tree prefers well drained soil. This is the preferred condition for all bonsai trees because of their tender pruned roots. Do not fully enclose the roots in the soil. The soil should get nearly dry before watering and then add slowly. If the temperature is cool, the tree may only need water every few weeks. Warmer weather increased the need for water to weekly.

Spring or summer is the time for repotting if you desire. The Sago bonsai palm tree likes a pot that is only a little larger than the root. Pruning should be done once a year or more. Any yellow or brown leaves should be removed, of course. As with all bonsai trees, trim close to the trunk and concave shears are the right tool for this. Because of its hardy nature and the fact that its needs are identical to the usual care received by a bonsai tree, the Sago is a great choice for a bonsai palm tree.

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