The Best Bonsai Starter Trees

The art of bonsai is an enriching pursuit. The best way to begin is to find the type of tree that is right for you. Everyone is different, of course and hence your taste and the climate in which you live have something to say about your choice of tree. However, all beginner bonsai artists have a few needs in common. You will want a tree that is beautiful, somewhat hardy and adapts well to pruning and pots. Here are a few trees that are good ways to get started with bonsai starter trees.

Good Trees for Bonsai

The Japanese Red Maple is a very beautiful tree and is very appropriate for bonsai treatment as it has no difficult growing demands. The natural shape of the tree fits into the bonsai shape known as informal upright which means that the trunk grows straight with a little variation. The spectacular thing about this tree is its color. Summertime foliage is a deep red while in the spring and fall; the leaves are more vibrant reds and orange. The trunk and branches are red or green for months at a time. The work you put into this tree will be rewarded with beauty.

When you think of bonsai, you probably picture a Chinese Elm tree. It is the traditional tree to use for bonsai and makes great bonsai starter trees. Although it is a typical outdoor tree, it adapts well to growing in a pot indoors as a miniature. The leaves reduce in size each year, keeping them in proportion to the pruned branches. It will achieve a height of eight to ten inches. It likes partial sun and should be allowed to be dormant in the winter. It is a lovely tree that is fairly easy to care for and train.

Most people don’t think of palm trees for bonsai, but almost every variety of trees has been used for this art. The best palm for bonsai starter trees is the Sago Palm. It is hardy and grows well in most conditions. Its slow growth makes it easy to train. Its natural needs mirror the treatment of bonsai trees. It grows well in containers, tolerates root pruning and sprouts new leaves only once every year or so depending on the growing conditions. They don’t have branches making them easy to care for bonsai starter trees.

Of course there are flowering trees and fruit trees that make good bonsai starter trees as well. Go to your local gardening center to find out the best tree varieties for your climate and take the plunge.

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