The Essential Bonsai Tree Kit

Bosai gardening is a terrific hobby for the nature lover, horticulturist, craftsperson or artist. Pruning and shaping trees or plants to control size and create displays is an art that is thousands of years old. Anyone can start with little training or spend a lifetime studying the craft. To begin, you only need a bonsai planter, a tree – not a dwarf variety and a bonsai tree kit of tools.

The Essential Tools

The aim of bonsai art is to shape and trim a tree to the desired size and shape. Shaping is achieved by wrapping the trunk or chosen branches with wire to guide their growing direction. Once the tree “understands” the direction in which it should grow, the wire must be cut away before the bark grows over it. So, the first tool in your bonsai tree kit is a pair of bonsai wire cutters. This tool is a special kind of wire cutter with a rounded head to prevent damaging the tree. Bonsai trees can be very sensitive to damage because of the severe pruning they undergo. Tools in your bonsai tree kit must take that into consideration.

Every bonsai enthusiast must have a concave tree trimmer. Similar to a pair of scissors or pruners, the shape of the blades allow a branch or twig to be cut flush to the trunk. This type of cut heals quickly with little or no scarring. This tool is the most vital element in your bonsai tree kit. A bonsai tree should look as if it had acquired its size and shape naturally. Tools that tear at the bark or leave pieces of twig are not good enough for this craft.

Traditional bonsai shears offer an easy way to trim branches and roots. The cutting blades are small enough to snip tiny buds accurately while the handles are large enough to fit the hand comfortably. The spherical knob cutter has a circular head to trim any trunk knobs that appear. Also good for trimming roots, the knob cutter leaves the desired cut that heals easily. For small size trees, a pair of bud trimming shears will fit your hand and reach the tiniest of buds without damaging the surrounding foliage. For larger trees, a root hook or root rake will help disentangle roots before pruning them. Bonsai roots must be trimmed in proportion to the branches. With these tools to start your bonsai tree kit, you will be able to embark on a lifetime of nurturing beauty.

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