Choosing and Buying the Best Bonsai Tree Pot

Growing a bonsai tree is not as easy as it sounds, which you may have already heard somewhere. But to what extent is it hard? Many people say that it is the maintenance which takes most of their time and effort, while many others say that it is the buying process which takes lots of effort in determining the best choice.


Whatever the difficulty may be, when you are buying the bonsai tree, there would definitely be another big headache for you; the bonsai tree pot. Choosing the best pot is sometimes a bigger headache than choosing the right bonsai tree. This is because once you have chosen the tree you are going to buy; the next thing would definitely be the base. And when it comes to the base which in this case is the bonsai tree pot, has to be complimenting the tree. Complimenting here refers to the suitability of the pot with the design and structure of the bonsai tree.

As we know, there can be many types of bonsai trees and hundreds of shapes and for each of the shape and design, there’s always the best bonsai tree pot choice. And making a decision here is not so easy again. There are basically several things that need to be taken into consideration before buying the right bonsai tree pot.

That would include the color of the pot, the size, and the style of the pot. These three elements need to be fulfilled so that the particular pot would go well together with the bonsai tree. Besides just complimenting the design and shape of the tree, the pot also has another function, that is not to divert attention and should fade from view, giving the tree the center of all attraction. Also, if you choose the wrong pot, the pot might dominate the tree and this would ruin the whole plan and concept of design behind the bonsai tree.

Of the three choices that need to be fulfilled before a particular bonsai tree pot is being passed as the best choice, the color choice is the most significant. Choosing the color is very important because you would not want the pot to be so glary that from afar you can only see the pot and not the bonsai plant or tree. People always go for unglazed pots in light colors such as brown and so on. And most of the time, people would simply go for colors that suit the leaves, being the largest portion of the tree physically.



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