Caring For Bonsai Tree Species

It does not matter what type of bonsai tree species you have in your house. They are all beautiful; they all make excellent gifts and all of them require more or less the same type of care. It is true that each bonsai tree species has its own plus points when it comes to beauty, however if you are like me with a collection of more than forty bonsai tree species, you will learn that all of them are basically the same.

What it takes to Care for Bonsai Trees

First of all, it takes a lot of patience, a lot of love and a lot of curiosity to see how it will shape up in the end. There is a lot to learn while taking care of bonsai trees. It does not matter what type of bonsai tree species you like or you are growing, these types of trees are full of joy and unexpectedness. They are almost like children – at times adorable and sweet, and sometimes horribly frustrating. Yet, we enjoy learning from our mistakes and marveling as they grow.

Modern science has made it possible for the common man to grow bonsai trees with ease. This is because there are many short-cuts and know-how right at your fingertips because of the internet. Such resources were unavailable 30 or 40 years ago. Also, almost all the bonsai tree species have a hybrid which is easier to grow and faster to control and shape. This is why more and more people enjoy this type of gardening.

The most important aspects of taking care of the bonsai tree is proper lighting, watering and pruning. Each one of these aspects is crucial to the success of the grown tree. Luckily, there are many hybrids which make these aspects less critical and allow the beginner a great deal of leverage for mistakes. There is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than having grown your own bonsai tree, while knowing that you do not know many techniques or tricks.

There are a few things that one should know however about the trees, such as which one needs to be taken indoors in the winter, which one needs extra water in summer, and which one loves or hates direct sunlight. These are very small efforts compared to what people a few generations ago had to dig up in order to grow a beautiful and artistic bonsai tree.

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