The Rewards of a Cherry Bonsai Tree

Cultivating bonsai trees is a craft with many rewards, not the least of which is a piece of art that changes and grows over time. Most varieties of trees are suitable for bonsai cultivation, depending on the climate where you live. Because bonsai is associated with Japan, the choice of a cherry bonsai tree is a natural. Besides the cultural association, there are other good reasons for choosing a cherry tree.

Flowers and Fruits

If you’ve ever seen pictures of the cherry trees in Washington D.C., you know how beautiful they are. There are many other varieties of cherry tree, and as all have blossoms and fruit, they are good for bonsai. The blossoms are small if the tree is kept inside and larger if grown out doors.

The first thing to do is talk to the experts at your gardening center. Not all varieties of cherry bonsai tree have the same requirements. All fruit trees have different needs for water and fertilizer at different times of the year. Most cherry trees need to be watered often, especially during the hot months. Keep the soil moist but not soaking and never let it dry. Never get the blossoms wet as they will rot. Many types of cherry bonsai tree will need fertilizer after flowering. A special fertilizer is used for bonsai trees but regular fertilizer can be used if it’s watered down according to the advice of your local experts. The amount and times for fertilizer will vary by type of tree.

A cherry bonsai tree needs to be repotted from time to time. For most varieties, that time is every other year whereas for some, it is every year. They should be repotted only in the spring. There are several styles of bonsai shaping and cherry trees are good for most of them. Decide on the shape you want for your tree and begin training it at the right time for the variety. Besides the usual type of cherry bonsai tree, there are varieties of weeping cherry trees that make very striking bonsai.

As with all bonsai fruit trees, the cherry bonsai tree should have its fruit buds snipped before fruit can develop. The weight of fruit will strain the delicate miniature branches and the development of fruit requires a lot of a small tree’s energy. The rewards of a cherry bonsai tree can be more than worth the work.

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