The Jade Tree, Bonsai Version

Many people are familiar with the beautiful and succulent jade plant. What people may not know is that jade trees also come in a jade tree bonsai version. Delicate, yet sturdy, these jade tree bonsais play by a different set of rules than do their equally as complex counterparts. Here is a brief outline on the general care and upkeep of the jade tree bonsai.


The jade tree bonsai can grow both indoors or outdoors. While many other species of bonsai trees require the humidity of an outside environment, the jade is a succulent that is more generally adapted to dryer, arid environments. As long as the light source is plentiful and natural, a jade can adapt to indoor growth. It is not adapted to cold temperatures, however, and should not be placed in temperatures below 50 degrees.


As mentioned above, the jade tree bonsai is a succulent, and therefore, over watering does little to help the plant. In fact, over watering can produce weaker root systems in succulent plants. Allowing the soil to dry out temporarily promotes the “searching” of roots for water, and thus strengthening them. Allow the soil to dry out and then water.

How to Make More Jade Tree Bonsais

The word for beginning the growth of a new plant is propagation. Propagation of the jade tree bonsai is fairly simple: cuttings. You can cut either a branch or a leaf and place them in compost, both of which will take and begin growing as a plant of its own.


As with most bonsais, the repotting of the jade bonsai tree is imperative to its general maintenance. The plant should be repotted every two to three years in a bonsai tree mix that has good drainage.


In regards to pruning jade tree bonsais, it is important that the reader know that there are actually two types of bonsai pruning: branch pruning and root pruning. When would you root prune? Often, you prune the roots when you are repotting the plant. The pruning that takes place on the root level needs to be reflected in the branch pruning. Branch pruning, however, is what most people think of when they think of bonsai pruning. The time to prune varies depending on the specific type of bonsai tree. Specific branches that you do want to cut are those that grow facing you, grow in toward the trunk or down toward the ground.

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