Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree –The Most Beautiful Bonsai Ever

There are many bonsai tree species that grow fast and are beautiful to look at. However, there is really none more exquisite than the Japanese maple bonsai tree. Two of the species of maple are more popular than other, i.e. the trident maple bonsai tree and the Japanese maple bonsai tree. Out of these both, the Japanese maple bonsai tree wins with a great margin.

Why is the Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree So Popular?

This tree is extremely popular because it is very resistant to pollution, requires extremely little care and grows beautifully. The only disadvantage with the Japanese maple bonsai tree is that its roots contain high moisture content and hence in winter it has to be kept indoors or it risks getting frozen. Many people use straw to protect it from the winter’s frost while others keep it in green houses, or even in the house itself. The tree is so beautiful that wherever it is placed, it becomes the centre of attraction.

Since this tree is very unpretentious, it is a cinch to have it and it is best for beginners. The tress grows almost by itself, requires very little attention – the most of it in the shaping of its branches and trunk – and hence it is ideal for those who are not really good at gardening but love plants nonetheless.

The Japanese maple bonsai tree starter kits make a wonderful gift for children who can get hooked for life with bonsai because of this one very successful experiment. It is wonderful to watch these trees grow from a seed to exquisite full grown bonsais, shed their miniature leaves and then again get them in the spring. This tree can warm your heart like no other bonsai species.

Because it is durable and looks great, some people grow them as giant bonsai trees, i.e. they are larger than normal bonsai, but dwarfed nonetheless. While normally the bonsai trees should be about 40 cm high, these large bonsai trees are 1 meter or so in height, having their leaves and branches proportionate to their size.

The large Japanese maple bonsai tree is a sight to behold. It looks like someone sculpted it and it is not uncommon to have people extend their hands to check whether the tree is real or not. So, go ahead and get this variety, you have little to lose.

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