The Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

Cultivating bonsai trees is an art. The shaping and pruning of the trees is done to create a look that tells a story and you can cultivate several to create an indoor landscape. If your goal is beauty, you should consider a Japanese maple bonsai tree, especially for the effect of the fall foliage.

Japanese Maples

The Japanese maple has several varieties, all of which offer fabulous color palettes from spring to fall. They are deciduous trees meaning that they will lose leaves in fall and be dormant through the winter months. The changing of the trees makes them interesting to watch through the year, but the focus of these trees will always be the color. The Japanese red maple has red leaves all summer that become brighter in the fall. The trunk and branches can also become shades of green and red for months at a time.

The Bloodgood Japanese maple is a popular tree with a nicely-shaped leaf that is reddish-purple in the summer and becomes a flaming crimson. The Japanese Crimson Queen maple is a dwarf variety reaching heights of up to ten feet. This makes for a good maple bonsai tree when pruned to a smaller size. Its leaves are long with a feathery appearance that changes from dark red in the summer to crimson in the fall. It has a lovely weeping shape. The Japanese cutleaf green maple only grows to six feet without pruning. Its leaves are green in the summer and gold in the fall.

Other Maples

Sugar maple trees are the maple syrup trees of the Northeast. Its fall colors can range from yellow to orange to red. Growing conditions will impact the foliage color, making this an interesting maple bonsai tree since its cultivator can control the size, shape and the fall color, too.

Norway maple trees grow well in full sun and well-drained soil, making this a good maple bonsai tree too. Its foliage is yellow in the fall and full since it was cultivated as a shade tree. The Amur maple tree will reward its time in full sun with fall foliage of brilliant red. The “Red Sunset” maple offers a good red fall color. These trees also offer nicely-balanced proportions, important for the grower of a maple bonsai tree.

The goal of bonsai is the creation of a changing piece of art. The maple bonsai tree offers that in a beautiful, colorful way.

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