The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Silk Bonsai Tree

Plants can be tricky things; especially the live ones. For many, it seems that the stars must align and the elements must unite to grow the perfect plant. Bonsai takes this aspect of plant cultivation to an entirely new level and this leads many down the trail of silk plants.

Here is a basic explanation of a bonsai tree as well as the merits and demerits of owning s silk version of this beautiful plant.

What is Bonsai?

Bonsai is an ancient art of tree growing. A variety of trees can be planted in small pots and carefully pruned so as to keep them small, ornamental and stunning. Not only are the trees beautiful but they also provide a meditative hobby to enjoy.

The Advantages of Purchasing Silk

Of course there are many advantages to purchasing a silk bonsai plant. Silk bonsai trees allow individuals to decorate their homes with these calming arrangements without the hassle of maintenance. There is now watering, no pruning, no feeding, etc.

The Disadvantages of Purchasing Silk

Part of what makes a bonsai tree such a pleasure to own is the act of taking care of it. When a silk bonsai tree is purchased, this negates the need for careful pruning and the delicate care that comes with the trees. For some, this may be a time saver. But, the true joy of these plants is in the care taking. In addition, you must remember that even silk plants are not maintenance free. Silk bonsai trees can be beautiful, but they can also be dust collectors. If you buy, don’t forget to dust them off once in a while!

Where to Buy Silk Bonsai Trees?

If you decide to purchase a silk bonsai tree, there are several places where they can be purchased. The first place to look is a local or retail chain craft store. You can find a variety of different versions of silk bonsai trees as well as a variety of pots and colors.

In addition to local and retail chain craft stores, you can also purchase silk bonsai trees from online sources. If you purchase online, remember that you won’t have the chance to see the product and touch it in your hands before you buy it. Remember to review all of your sources and verify the best product for your money.

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